Information Security tailor-made for SMEs

Information Security is vital for most companies. But often the actual status of security is unclear to everyone, with networks staying unmonitored. Would your company notice if your networks or systems had uninvited guests? Who's responsible for fixing issues and preventing break-ins?

Our Information Security services are fairly prices and tailored for SMEs.

Many of us here at Remod are avid climbers. When we aim for the summit, checking and verifying our equipment and approach multiple times ensures the feeling of freedom and enjoyment. The same applies to what we do at Remod: Trust but verify.

Information Security Inspection

Information Security Inspection sheds light on the current status of your information security and outlines the critical improvements.

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Cyber Control Room

Cyber Control Room provides information security as a service. With active surveillance and constant training, it detects and fixes vulnerabilities, breaches and leaks.

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O365 Safe

Developed in collaboration with Remod and Badrap, O365 Safe ensures data security in your Microsoft Office 365 cloud service.

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Good security requires good IT management

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