Information SecurityInformation Security Inspection

Information Security Inspection

Information Security Inspection keeps your company alive.

Most companies are wondering:

  • What's our information security status?
  • What do we need to do to get our information security under control?
  • Has our IT management (partner) done things correctly?
  • Are our 3rd party services secure?

Customer concerns:

The world is constantly changing and systems are moving at an accelerating pace from the server room to the cloud. We should be able to keep up with new security issues all the time, but nobody has enough time for that! I don’t even understand all of the technology behind these new solutions, and I’m responsible for all IT matters for our 100-person firm.

Our company's invoicing and payment services are security-critical services and without their operation, our operations are not possible. You constantly read news about invoice and payment fraud, where companies lose millions.

If we get a new system, how can make sure it is secure? And what if our existing systems get new vulnerabilities?

How can I convince the management that we have things under control?

Information Security Survey gives you the confidence to reach new heights.

  • Vital for every organization.
  • Includes audits to IT environments, systems and applications.
  • You receive an actionable plan and instructions for continuous information security.

The service includes Traficomi's Cyber Security Label, Cybermeter, and Cyber Security Centre's instructions for the board of directors.

Get things under control in 2 - 5 days:


We interview all key personnel.


We go through the necessary technical tasks: testing, documentation reviews etc.


We document our findings and create a plan for development.


We present the plan and findings to you.

The pricing is simple: 1 000 € / day. The number of days needed is clarified during the sales process.

After Remod Information Security Survey, you have:

  • a chance to breathe a big sigh of relief.
  • a comprehensive list of things that need fixing, with an expert to guide you through them.
  • a partner you can budget and plan with.

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