Best makers guarantee best results

Owned by its employees, Remod was founded in 2014. We started off slowly, learning from scratch how to run a business and working without investor money. Through the years we’ve paid our dues, but on the way we also learned that what we like to do and what we’re good at can help a lot of our customers.

What began from a sole proprietor grew into a company and a solid group of friends with a belief that doing things right together creates better results. Remod has grown a lot on the way, but we are still guided by the same principle. Our goal is to always do things together as well as possible - with each other, our partners and our customers.

Our way of working often leads us to the harder problems and questions, but it’s often exactly these sorts of new and interesting challenges that gets us fired up. We always try to find new sorts of viewpoints and ways of working to improve even more. The Remod way of working is often laced with a bit of creative madness and a dare-to-try attitude. Our latest big leap was in 2019, when we opened an office in Helsinki.



Remod is

18 people strong

Turnover 2019

1M €

Growth 2019

60 %

Systems Wizard

Antti Haapala

Sysops Maestro

Antti Jaakkola

Mobile App Diver

Cecilia Matilainen

Extreme Architect

Hannes Junnila

Multimodal Problem Solver

Jani Huhtala

Future Innovator

Jasmin Hulkko

Knowledge Flow Expert

Jon Ekberg

Technology Guru

Juho Juopperi

Next Gen Devops

Jukka Rasi

Enthusiast Developer

Kari Tuominen

Admin Extraordinaire

Mikko Rytilahti

Cloud Authority

Perttu Laamanen

Open Source Evangelist

Risto Salminen

Definitive Product Owner

Teemu Huhtala

Business Monkey

Teppo Suominen

Fullstack Artesan

Tomi Juntunen

Deep-diving Developer

Tuukka Kivilahti

Specialist Systems Operator

Veli-Matti Leppänen

Remod is supported by

Kari Ålander

Chair of the board

Kari is an experienced business leader and consultant. Kari has lead a multitude of successful consulting, training and development projects. Having worked many times as an entrepreneur, CEO and director, Kari brings strong leadership knowledge and understanding to the board.

Kari’s core competences are strategic projects and processes, organisation development and change management.

Jukka Estola

Board member

Jukka is a seasoned product manager and team leader with a focus on customer centered leadership. He gives support especially on product management and development with a customer-oriented focus.

At the core of Jukka’s way of work are sustainable business development, scalability and viability. He also offers sparring for marketing and strategy implementation.

Janne Siltari

Board member

Janne has worked in multiple roles in the ICT field, from operative and personnel management to board positions. He has strong experience building co-creation ecosystems in Finland and developing international trade. Janne has experienced digitalisation from the early IoT and mobile networks to utilizing AI and VR in both private and public fields, always with security as a prime concern.