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We offer IT management, information security services and consulting that are always tailored to your needs.

Whether you have a challenging research and development project, a technical problem or require a comprehensive IT partner, Remod is at your service!

Our services

The Oulu Know-how

Our strength is in understanding the business and requirements of our customers. With us as your partner, you can focus on growing and developing your core business. We secure the stability of your operation so you can focus on what’s important.

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Our services

Backup services

Tranquility from backups? We offer backup services to O365 cloud, servers and systems as well as workstations. With Remod backup your information is always secure, no matter what happens.

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O365 Safe

Information security isn’t often funny but we’ve made it laughably easy. Created in collaboration with Badrap, O365 Safe ensures you are secure even in the cloud while constantly heightening your workforce's knowledge and understanding of information security.

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Active Cybersec

When you need an active cyber security service, our control room is at your service! We offer active surveillance and constant training in cyber security. The Active Cybersec is built especially for small and medium sized enterprise needs.

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Our customers

Bauer Media Group
Head Invest
The Qt Company
Specim — Spectral Imagining