Make New

Accomplishing things even the best can't do.

We do


From design to delivery.

Multilingual team of professional developers.


Taking care of all business critical needs. From infrastructure to operations.


Tech is our passion but we're excelling in ICT management and team building also.

We tinker {R&D}


You have the idea. We find a way.

Proof of Concepts

New technology needs to be shown. We deliver PoC to present the idea to the world.


Some ideas are worth moving forward with. We have the knowhow to bring it to life.

We secure

Incident Management

We have the capability and skill to take control of your infrastructure in no time.

ICT in control

We believe the very core of security comes from properly maintained and well designed infrastructure. We take ICT in control for you.


We are always there for you!

But we love our good nights sleep. Thus we prefer doing our projects in highly available and secure manner.

We are Remod!

Jesse Hulkko

Designer of ideas, concepts and things to make the world better each day.

Antti Jaakkola

Sysadmin and Developer of new technologies. Tinkerer with an ambition to craft the world anew.

Tuukka Kivilahti

Full stack developer from the backend to the new worlds of Augmented Reality on the web!

Juho Juopperi

Developer & Software architect with speciality in large scale data management.

Jani Huhtala

Proven in all kinds of ICT management tasks. From administration to recruiting and budget management.

Joona Romppanen

Sysadmin and Software developer with special skills in UI & UX development.

Contact us!

Remod Oy

Kaitoväylä 14 A1
90570 Oulu

FI 26024334

Jesse Hulkko

+358 84 154 1701