Information SecurityCyber Control Room

Need constant information security monitoring?

Cyber Control Room immediately detects issues, breaches and leaks.
  • Do you have more than 100 employees?
  • Does your business require detailed security and traffic monitoring?
  • Do you have enough employees to monitor you security situation?
  • Want to improve your security with an expert partner?

New vulnerabilities are constantly found from all devices and services.

Who keeps your systems up to date, verifies them and takes responsibility?

From the customer:

I have to admit, thinking about unwanted visitors in our networks gives me the creeps. How can I know what's going on in there? As the CIO, I'm the only one responsible for our security, even though I'd like think our board would be even a little bit interested in these matters. I should be able to report on these issues more convincingly - not to mention being able to answer all the questions our employees constantly ask me.

Reaaliajassa ja vuosikellon viitoittamana

Remod's Cyber Control Room monitors, fixes and educates

  • 8/5 active cyber monitoring (office hours)
  • Automated monitoring 24/7 outside office hours
  • Vulnerability, deviation and issue management and repair
  • Information Security training and employee mentoring
  • Information Security Annual Clock and continuous improvement in co-operation with the client.

Automated management of the data generated by our security sensors.

Immediately decipher and act on the information generated by monitoring.

Setting up our Cyber Control Room takes 1 - 2 months


We perform our Information Security Survey to establish a baseline.


Automated monitoring is deployed to you networks and cloud platforms.


Monitoring and employee training starts.


An active security partnership is established, based on our annual clock.

The pricing couldn't be more clear: 2 500 € / mth (for organizations with less than 250 employees).

With Remod Cyber Control Room, you get:

  • the knowledge that your information security is actively monitored.
  • a security helpdesk for all your security-related questions and problems.
  • the possibility to report on security regularly and accurately to your board.

Have a pleasant journey!

From the customer:

The first phase of the service was up and running within days of ordering. A good grip on the issues and the annual clock brings visibility to what's going on at any given point. Reporting on our information security to the board became really easy, because the service provides usable reports that do not need to be hand-tuned. Now everything is in order and the occasional security challenges are being resolved quickly and painlessly.

Cyber Control Room Service: O365 Safe

An ever-increasing number of intrusions, phishing scams and attacks are now targeting cloud services. Developed in collaboration with Remod and Badrap, O365 Safe ensures data security in your Microsoft Office 365 cloud service. At the same time, we are constantly developing your employees' understanding and knowledge of information security.

  • Information Security management for Office 365
  • Employee security training
  • Remod's Office365-backups for all data
  • O365 Data Loss Prevention- and O365 Advanced Threat Protection systems activated for you
  • Intune ja Autopilot -solutions for device management
  • Badrap Asset Discovery & Security -service ja Badrap Cyber Hygiene -application


24,90 € / mth / user + initial implementation project 1850 € (vat0) Now for 500 €!

Remod O365 Safe - leave security to us and focus on what matters.