IT ManagementHolistic IT Survey

Holistic IT Survey

Here we go!

  • I wonder what's going on in our IT administration...?
  • Problems? Something not working at all?
  • How could we improve IT?
  • What else can we do to streamline our operations?

From the customer:

We used to have an IT management partner whose operations were opaque. The overall status and development of our systems caused a lot of concern when nothing seemed to be moving forward. We got no clear answers even when we asked direct questions. Still, switching our IT management partner seemed far too cumbersome. Fortunately, we got this holistic survey from Remod, making it easier to clarify our position.

Remod Holistic IT Survey takes just one week.


We interview all key personnel.


We perform a technical survey: IT management status, issues and areas of improvement.


We report and present our findings.

Holistic IT Survey is cost-efficient

The survey costs 1000 € per day, including survey and reporting.

From the customer:

The initial interviews were arranged and Remod immediately sent us an email listing the access rights they needed for the survey. The survey's timing was excellent (the survey was completed and delivered to me in less than a month from order), their experts knew what they were doing, and they did their job well. Remod gave us a comprehensive view of our systems and outlined all the key changes required to improve them. The report was comprehensive and enabled me to plan our next steps with ease.

After the survey:

  • you know the status of your IT management and know what to focus on in the future.
  • you can focus on your actual tasks.
  • it's easy to plan and budget ahead.
  • you have a new, reliable partner for implementing the changes.

All systems go for reaching the summit!

From the customer:

The survey was such a relief! Not we can plan for the future with much better accuracy!