IT ManagementIT Partnership

Can your IT Management keep up?

With a reliable partner, working together with 100% trust.
  • Are your devices (employees’ computers, printers, servers, etc.), office applications (email, Office365), and office network working and efficient enough?
  • Problems with cloud services or server maintenance? Do they work the way you want them to? Need upgrades?
  • Is your data backed up securely (from servers, devices, and cloud services)?
  • Do you have anyone planning what your IT department should do over the next year (upgrades, repairs, maintenance, etc.)?
  • Do you have a long-term budget for your IT?

IT management requires the expertise of 3 to 4 people. It rarely makes sense to hire all of these people internally. What you need is a reliable partner.

Remod organizes your entire IT in an efficient and modern fashion, enabling you to focus on your core business.

From the customer:

I’m the CTO for a technology startup and I like the fact we've done everything ourselves. But now we've grown to 70 employees in 3 years and our practices have not kept pace.The board made it clear that help was needed. We should focus on developing our product and not on equipment procurement and managing our architecture that has become overly complex. We don't have a systematic way of creating and managing environments, and that results in massive stress and extra work all the time.

So, we need to hire an IT manager, but getting them up to speed would take months and we need help now. We're dealing with such a critical issue that trusting anyone is hard. Whose expertise would be enough?

Remod takes care of your infrastructure with the help of our annual IT clock

  • We maintain your networks, devices and applications.
  • We take care of information security.
  • We plan for procurement and help you come up with your budget for the longer term.
  • Our solutions are tailored for you, no need to fear vendor lock-in.
  • We provide direct customer support over the phone, emails and ticket systems.
  • We create how-to articles and inform you on best practices.

Annual IT clock keeps track of our tasks

  • See how we run your IT and what's going on at any given time.
  • Gain immediate visibility on what you've committed to and how we operate.

From the customer:

I have to admit I was sceptical about bringing an outsider to handle our IT. Our environment is not typical, the equipment is unique and the systems have a lot of moving parts - out-of-the-box solutions won't work here! However, we had to focus on our core tasks, so we decided to give Remod a try.

The techie from Remod could immediately ask just the right questions at the planning meeting. The approach we needed became clear from the start. The guys gave some good pointers on how to integrate our systems and set up our servers. After all, we had invested over one hundred thousand on employee laptops alone. Just listing it all made things easier.

Here's how IT partnership works:


We perform our Holistic IT Survey, gaining insight into your environments in only a week.


We come up with a ramp-up plan: how and when are different aspects of IT management moved under Remod's supervision?


The work is divided into phases: We take control of systems according to the plan. At the same time, we upgrade and update devices, networks, and applications as needed


The partnership continues according to the annual IT clock.

So, we end up with a process of continuous improvement.

The best IT partner is like an old friend you can call whenever you feel like it.

From the customer:

I was positively surprised how quickly the guys from Remod got a handle on our environment and treated us more like old friends than just clients. I got the contact details for their experts and the salesperson - who I think was actually their CEO - said that I can always call him if I have something on my mind. Things are surely looking up, with Remod the path forward feels safe again.

Our backup services are also available as separate deals

Sometimes you only need a backup solution, but is your data secure and always available? Company servers, employee computers, and cloud services can contain a large amount of business-critical information.

What if...

  • your devices get broken, lost or stolen?
  • someone steals or destroys your information?
  • someone accidentally deletes business-critical data or it gets corrupted?
  • upgrades and changes result in lost data?

Remod's services give you a reliable backup and restore solution

All data is stored in a data center secured according to Finnish Transport and Communications Agency's 54B/2014M Priority 1 standards and never leaves Finland. When needed, Remod can provide you all relevant information related to the back up, including:

  • What has been backed up?
  • How much data are we using?
  • How long will the data be retained?

Our backup services:

Is your Microsoft 365 data safe and available? Microsoft cloud services provide a lot of features, but the backups are your responsibility. Microsoft does not offer backup or retention services, which can lead to catastrophic results.

Remod takes care of your Exchange, Sharepoint and OneDrive cloud backup and restore services.



1-30 accounts: 180 €

More than 30 accounts: Contact us for a quote

Monthly fee: 4 € / user

Backup and restore on demand during office hours.

Backup status reports

50 GB of backup storage per user ▸ Ie. 500GB for a 10-person organization.

Additional backup storage available for an additional fee.