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Pharmatory - IT in safe hands with Remod

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Pharmatory Ltd., a private Finnish company, offers a comprehensive service portfolio to a diverse range of clients in the human and veterinary pharmaceutical sector. Their expertise spans R&D, production, analytics, and validation. Alongside their commitment to high standards and a customer-centric approach, Pharmatory faces the rigorous demands of Finnish, European, and U.S. authorities such as FIMEA, EMA, and FDA, as well as those of partners and clients. These demands necessitate unwavering quality, expertise, reliability, and secure processes at all operational tiers.

Our journey together began in 2018, when Pharmatory sought assistance in overhauling and documenting their IT and connectivity solutions. From the outset, our partnership thrived on the bedrock of trust among top-tier professionals. Gradually, Remod's responsibilities expanded to encompass IT administration, backups, licensing, and security – when the need arose.

Over several years Remod led a process of IT modernisation in a collaborative effort, methodically and efficiently replacing outdated systems while minimising disruption to Pharmatory's day-to-day and core functions. Extensive documentation of all systems has been essential to pass industry standard audits.

Pharmatory trusts Remod with considerable control in day-to-day IT operations, enabling us to ensure services run efficiently and securely with high standards. Furthermore, preemptively addressing or averting issues even before they register with our clients contributes to heightened job satisfaction and ultimately bolsters our customer's operational reliability.

We take pride in facilitating IT compliance to rigorous industry standards, enabling Pharmatory's proficient experts to concentrate on their domain and offer their services around the world. As Pharmatory has faced business needs and challenges, we have delivered quick, secure and effective solutions that continue to allow them to succeed in what they do best.

“Remod has been a reliable IT partner for us from the start. They use their independence in both day-to-day maintenance and planning and executing projects well, and the clear communication has made the cooperation pleasant for both sides. Moreso, as the emphasis on information security has been increasing over the years, I feel we are in great hands with Remod.”

—- Heikki Hassila, R&D Director, Pharmatory Ltd

Pharmatory continues to rely on Remod’s proficiency to deliver modern, secure, and documented IT solutions, forming a vital cornerstone of their operational structure. With Remod's support, Pharmatory remains equipped with the latest technological tools necessary to not only thrive but also excel in their field.